Frank Juszczyk, Ph.D

 At some point, you've got to make a decision about what's real and what's not, draw a line in the sand, cross it, and never go back.
— Robert Scheinfeld
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.
— Albert Einstein
I'm not good in groups.
It's difficult to work in groups when you're omnipotent.
— in Deja Q,
Star Trek - the Next Generation

You Found Us!

Hello, and welcome to the WAYVionics Website. Why WAYVionics? Because it offers information (and de facto guidance) about the WAY of the WAYV, the quantum wave, to be specific, and how it applies to your personal life and beyond.

How can this website be useful to you? It depends upon what you think you already know and how hungry you are for a non-ordinary or completely supernal alternative reality. What is ordinary and non-ordinary is just a difference in perception, of course. So let WAYVionics present you with a way to tweak your perception. Are you game?

First, let's list The Six Fundamental Considerations of the WAYVionics perceptual mode:

1. There is no independently-existing physical reality outside of your own conscious perception.
2. There is an axis of awareness that constitutes what we experience as a Self.
3. Whatever is "good" is not a bargaining factor.
4. There is no truth, only levels of meaning.
5. The details don't matter.
6. Everything happens in the Eternal Now.
The reason you may want to read The Six Fundamental Considerations has been expressed pointedly by cellular biologist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton in his book, The Biology of Belief (Hay House, Inc., 2008):

Conventional physics courses suggest that the principles of quantum mechanics that govern wave-particle interactions only apply at the level of atoms. By restricting quantum physics to the subatomic world, it has become a general assumption that quantum mechanisms do not apply to our personal lives and world affairs. Therefore, today's physicists have completely failed to inform the public of the purely mental nature of the universe.

The purpose of WAYVionics is
to help present the information that conventional physicists have failed to do in a way that applies to our personal lives and world affairs. So you can be mathematically challenged, scientifically disadvantaged, and computer illiterate and still understand what WAYVionics has to say about the interaction of quantum mechanics and your personal life. Now, let's see what The Six Fundamental Considerations of WAYVionics are about.