We are never completely limited by our circumstances. When someone has changed their way of thinking about their circumstances, often their circumstances change in response. It's a reciprocal relationship.
  — Dr. Kirby Surprise
Everything is just spirit, and whatever you name it becomes that.
  — Dr. Richard Bartlett


Technology — Gizmometers — By Dr. J

Gizmo_BSFG1 Gizmo_BSFG2Gizmometers evolved out of a Level 3 Matrix Energetics seminar, which taught attendees how to use photos of old radionics machine control panels to effect change in a subject. The photos supplied a helpful visual reference for directing altered consciousness toward a process of change. When Dr. Richard Bartlett (founder of Matrix Energetics) told the story of a radiesthesiast who used a new radionics machine for months and effected marvelous cures even though he had forgotten to plug in the machine, I was both intrigued and inspired to construct my own pseudo-radionics machines out of scrap parts found in second-hand stores and yard sales.

My first device was made up of odds and ends of audio parts, a stove oven knob, a cabinet leg, a scroll saw handle some Radio Shack knobs, and some Herkimer diamonds and a quartz crystal.

Gizmo_JeansMachineMy second Gizmometer (the word is a combination of "Gizmo" = gadget and
"Meter" = measure or measuring) I made for Jean out of an audio tape carrying case and various knobs and switches, a 4-gang audio output panel, and a detachable microphone that Jean calls a "wandtenna." It has 21 moveable levers designed to work like audio sliders on a music studio sound board and color-coded dots to represent Matrix Energetics 21 healing frequencies.

Then I got really ambitious and built a Bifilar Scalar Field Generator combined with a torsion "Luminator" that is, in engineering terms, operational. I got the instructions for building the generator from a website called No More Secrets at mshcharacters.blogspot.com. There are a lot of great quantum energy devices presented there with instructions on how to make them. The Luminator, invented by Patrick Richards, is illustrated in Claude Swanson's Life Force, The Scientific Basis (Poseida Press, 2010). It generates Yin or "subtle" energy by spinning air molecules in a counterclockwise direction. I thought that if I combined the two technologies, I would get more bang for the buck. This seems to be the case as a compass veers off magnetic North when brought near the generator even when not in the immediate vicinity of the Neodymium magnets powering the generator's coil.

Gizmo_turbine1The device seems to create a soothing atmosphere generally (Jean calls it "the mellow machine"). If you stand close to the coil and torsion tube, and extend your hands on either side of it with your palms facing inwards towards the tube, you become light-headed, the hairs on your arms tingle, and blood flow increases in your fingers.

The following photos show different views of the device, including the topmost of two fans which circulate air upward in a counterclockwise direction.

The lower fan at the base of the tube has impeller blades that are vertical rather than canted as are standard fan blades. The impeller blades start the air flow upwards, spinning leftwards, and the upper fan, which has conventional fan blades, but angled for counterclockwise air flow, impart an even stronger left-handed spin to the air exiting the tube. I had to construct my own fan out of a thread spool and pieces of wooden shim because I couldn't find a counterclockwise rotating fan blade. Fan motors that spin counterclockwise are also hard to find. I wound up using two stove hood exhaust fan motors.

The Torsion tube is made of 4-inch PVC pipe, 3 rubber reducers that are 4 inches in diameter at the small end and 5 ¼ inches at the large end. I wrapped the PVC pipe with 100 feet of 24-gauge bifilar speaker wire. This wire has a copper filament and an aluminum one. Inserted into the wall of the PVC pipe at its upper end are two Neodymium magnets attached to each other by their polar attractions. The copper filament is attached to the magnets' North pole (in tandem), and the aluminum filament to the South.

Two short sections of the tube, one at the bottom and the other just above the PVC section, had to be fabricated out of sheet metal because the bottom one has a slight cone shape, and the upper one had to be thin-walled enough to allow for the fan blades. The base piece, which has a number of holes drilled into it for air intake, is made from a plastic paint can spout that fits into the top of a gallon paint can.

 Gizmo_turbine2The topmost section of the torsion tube is some sort of black ABS plastic pipe, slightly more than 4 inches in diameter by an eighth to three-sixteenths of an inch, and is probably a specific kind of sewer pipe. I like the angled cut at the top. It gives the generator a racy look. The total length of the torsion spin tube is 50 ¾ inches, and the entire device stands 57 ¾ inches high.
The base of the generator rests on an old Pitney-Bowes postage meter carrying case. Note the complicated circuit boards, wires, and control knob. These provide what I call "operational credibility," a sort of placebo function for the device as a whole.

Since, in WAYVionics' view (along with that of quite a few quantum physicists) consciousness creates matter, a convincing-looking device can have an effect on anything at which it is directed even though the device has no physical function. Consider that the effectiveness of the placebo has been increasing over recent years even to the extent that patients who are told that they are receiving a placebo get better anyway. The generator and the torsion spin tube do function as they were designed to do, but are given extra potential by their operational credibility. Remember Dr. Bartlett's story about the radionics machine that effected cures even though it was never plugged in. Both the radiesthesiast and the patient believed that the machine did work-and it did.

The critical factor in activating a Gizmometer is an altered consciousness. You have to shift from your ordinary "real world" consciousness into one that allows for infinite possibilities to become actual. How is this done? Well, it definitely has nothing to do with PRETENDING that something is different. When you pretend, your conscious mind knows that you are imagining something within the context of your ordinary reality even if the pretense becomes very convincing. How do you neutralize or erase that real-life context? The step-by-step process is described in Melissa Joy Jonsson's book, M-Joy Practically Speaking, which is cited in full in the final answer at the end of the WAYVionics Fundamentals Q and A section. The process is called the Two Point and is a signature consciousness shift taught in Matrix Energetics. I learned the Two Point myself at my first Matrix Energetics seminar, and it has become an integral part of my everyday life. Just remember that you need to actually alter your consciousness in order to activate a Gizmometer so that it functions outside of ordinary spacetime. The best course is to be Two-Pointed by someone familiar with the process. I guarantee that the experience will be far different from anything you could have imagined or pretended.

Gizmo_helmetJust for fun, I constructed what I call a Left Brain Mindset Destabilizer out of an old skateboard helmet, some wires, a voltage transformer, and some battery-powered drawer lights. It creates a more personal relationship between a subject and the Scalar Field Generator/Torsion Spin Tube. The wires from the helmet plug into the base of the generator.

On a final note, when building my first two Gizmometers, I wired them internally so as to enhance the idea of an operational circuitry. It doesn't matter how you wire them since your consciousness will intuitively connect all the components. I didn't do this internal wiring with the Scalar Field Generator since the major part of it is functional in "real" spacetime anyway. Your primary activity in constructing Gizmometers is play. Be creative, try anything that attracts your attention, and don't be limited by the idea that these devices must have a "practical" purpose. Let them take shape as they are being built, and their function will emerge quite spontaneously.