Q & A

1) Question: So, if I start incorporating the six conditions of WAYVionics into my personal life, what can I expect?

Answer: First off, you can't expect anything specific because everything exists only as possibilities to begin with. If you try to control what happens by creating expectations, then that's all you'll get and that will be based upon your past experience, ensuring that you will be in a feedback loop of essential sameness.

2) Question: Well, what's going to change things?

Answer: The application of the six considerations and their uses to your personal life. If you do this as an ongoing practice — we're talking daily here — it will be comparable to getting used to the idea that the world is round instead of flat as (figuratively) you have been taught to believe from childhood. Physically, the world will still look flat to the grounded observer, but you will know that that point of view is an illusion created by limited perception. It's the same with learning that all of physical reality is created by your consciousness out of literally "nothing." Reality will continue to appear solid and "out there" even though you know better. In time-itself an illusion-you will sense a difference in how that reality feels. Solidity will not be its defining quality just as flatness is no longer the defining quality of the earth. What you get with the shift in point of view is a tremendous number of new possibilities and an expanded reality.

3) Question : Won't my friends think I'm nuts or that I've joined some kind of cult?

Answer: You betcha, but that tells you what kind of friends you have. Some few-and this includes members of your family — will think that you're a psycho, but more will think that you've gone peculiar, dotty, or eccentric. People you used to see frequently will become scarce. Old friends will disappear. People you meet will avoid you in the future. Others will be drawn to you and not know why, but they won't know how to interact with you and they too will vanish.

For them, reality has only one mode of existence, and you are rattling their cages just by no longer paying attention to their assumptions about the nature of that reality. Some will attribute your views to "brainwashing" of some sort and consider you a weak-minded victim. No worries, mate. Where you're coming from, no one can manipulate your expanded reality because they won't know where to start or how to proceed. They'll just have to catch up later.

4) Question: Is this WAYVionics stuff like a behavioral modification system or some kind of comprehensive psychology like Neuro-Linguistic Programming — maybe a basic ideology or a philosophy?

Answer: No, but thanks for asking. WAYVionics has no structure, no form, no conceptual context. The six considerations offer some important areas to notice in the development of a new orientation of consciousness just to get you started, but that's only to highlight the differences between what you think you know and all the new stuff you don't. What you are learning is how to expand your consciousness beyond familiar limitations.

5) Question: If I study what WAYVionics teaches, and understand what it says, will my life be different?

Answer: Do you want guarantees? Are you that programmable? This is free–fall, my friend. Conceptual understanding only goes so far. It's always possible that a profound change will occur provided you are already desperate enough and feel that you have nothing to lose. You have to be on the verge of letting-go anyway, and this will heighten the chances for a transformative experience. Otherwise, you have to experience directly what it feels like to abandon all control and allow for something greater than yourself to expand your awareness.

6) Question: How do I do that?

Answer: Suspend all judgment for a moment and consider that love is always the elephant in the room. It's obvious, but nobody sees it. Several blind guys are exploring parts of it and describing what they think it is. Each blind man discovers a part of the elephant, but none of them can perceive the whole creature. Naturally, none of them can get a total idea of what they are dealing with.

A direct, consciousness–shifting experience of love as light is like that. It is beyond thought, beyond classification, beyond comprehension, and incapable of being named or labeled in terms of what the left brain can know. The left brain, which we allow to direct our lives, is too slow, too narrowly linear to experience love as it is in itself in any direct fashion. Only the electromagnetic field of the heart has the capacity to do that. So you need to get out of your reasoning, analyzing left brain and go into your heart field. But you won't find it filled with hugs, kisses, and valentines. It is deliciously empty of everything except a dimensionless expansion into infinity. In other words, it will blow you away. Your right brain has access to the heart field because it doesn't exclude anything. It doesn't think, and it doesn't judge. It has plenty of slack, so to speak.

A morphic field is a field of information that accrues to a concept, an idea, a belief system, or a group enterprise involving thoughts, actions, and emotions. People's feelings and thoughts directed toward a shared focal point feed a morphic field. Some are useful, some not. Sports teams can be the focus of a morphic field. Religions depend upon them. Social and political movements build morphic fields of considerable size and power. The shift in consciousness that awaits you has its own morphic field. Others have had the experience before you, and others who are just beginning to experience the shift are causing the morphic field to swell and increase its power. You can tap this field through a book by Melissa Joy Jonsson entitled, M-Joy Practically Speaking: Matrix Energetics and Living Your Infinite Potential (M-Joy Being, Inc., 2013). Melissa is the International Director of Matrix Energetics and a teaching partner with Dr. Richard Bartlett, its founder. Matrix Energetics has its own very large and growing morphic field. WAYVionics is in its infancy and more oriented toward calling attention to the existence and attainability of an extra–ordinary reality than implementing it. It does, however, share the same intent and ultimate direction as Matrix Energetics. It just has a slightly different "spin" on the kind of information it transmits. WAYVionics is promotional rather than foundational. It stirs the pot, while Matrix Energetics serves the soup. We at WAYVionics have tasted the soup and found it hearty and satisfying. There's plenty for everybody.